Identify Staging Problems

To troubleshoot issues with replicating from a staging environment to a production or development environment, follow this process.

When staging problems occur, isolating problem causes can help formulate a solution.

This example covers staging from the Staging environment to Production, but the same steps apply to any staging process running from staging to development.

  1. Monitor the job status of the data replication process on the Staging instance.

  2. If it fails, look at the staging logs for failure messages.

  3. Look at the staging logs of the Staging instance first.

  4. Look at the most recent staging log file. A single staging log often contains several days' worth of staging events in one file.

    This only works with Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer isn't supported.

  5. Look for the beginning of the replication process in the logs. It will have a similar timestamp to the data replication task you started. (individual tasks created in Business Manager)

  6. Scroll down through the log file. You will see the job go through steps such as gathering stats for all tables:

  7. Next you will see the rsynch running which gets the actual file system directories ready for copying to the target instance

  8. The final step on the Staging instance should be a handoff to the target (Production server). Its staging log entry resembles the following line.

  9. If you don't see this success message, look for errors such as the following and follow the recommended steps.

If you identify a staging problem, follow this process.

  1. Stop and restart the staging and target instance via Control Center.

  2. Repeat the failed staging process with the same parameters.

  3. If the staging environment log shows no errors, look at the production staging log.

  4. Production staging logs will start with a message that looks like this.

  5. Depending on what you are staging, you will see the database table copy begin.

  6. After copying, we switch from temp to source tables $2 to $1.

  7. If it finishes successfully, you will see the following message at the end of the logs.