isactivedatahead Element

Use to configure pages to allow collection of active data from ISML templates that contain an HTML <head> tag.

ISML templates without an HTML <head> tag don't use the <isactivedatahead> tag. Salesforce recommends that you place the tag immediately before the closing head tag </head>.

However, you can choose a different location based on the general tag requirements. The tag must appear:

  • Before any other analytics data collection ISML tags
  • After all references to external JavaScript libraries.
  • In a location where <script> tags are valid.

If this tag appears after any other analytics data collection ISML tags, those tags might fail to collect data. If this tag appears before any references to external JavaScript libraries, those external JavaScript libraries might become incompatible. The tag must appear where <script>tags are valid. For example, it can't be placed between two <tr> tags for rows of a table or similar structures in a page where a <script>tag isn't valid.

If the tag isn't placed in a page or isn't placed in a page correctly, the storefront customer might experience JavaScript errors. Users can be notified of the error or page rendering might be negatively affected.

As a best practice the <isactivedatahead/> tag should be placed in all <head> tags, unless the template containing the <head> tag is used solely for a page or set of pages that is guaranteed to never have data of analytic interest.

For an example of how to use <isactivedatahead>, see the htmlhead_UI.isml template in the SiteGenesis application.