isdecorate Element

Decorate the enclosed content with the contents of the specified (decorator) template.

template = template_name

Allowed data type: string or expression.

template_name is the name of the decorator template that is used to decorate the contents.

The decorator template has the tag <isreplace/> identifying where the decorated content shall be included. Typically, only one tag (<isreplace/>) is used in the decorator template. However, multiple or zero <isreplace/>tags can also be used. If the decorating template doesn't have an <isreplace/> tag, the decorated content is omitted from the resultant output. If the decorator template has multiple <isreplace/> tags, the content to be decorated will be included for each <isreplace/> tag.

A typical use case is to decorate the content body with a header and footer.

The decorator tags can be nested to an arbitrary depth, for example:

Different decorator templates can be used in different <isdecorate/> tags, both in nested and non-nested scenarios.