Start Customer Service Center

With Customer Service Center, an agent can find or create an order, and find a customer. The agent must have permission to use Customer Service Center.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Ordering > Customer Service Center.

  2. Select an action.

    • Find an Order
    • Create a New Order
    • Find a Customer
  3. To view the menu or return to the Welcome page, click the menu icon.

    The Customer Service Center opens in a new tab. To return to Business Manager, click the original tab in your browser. When you click the sidebar navigation, only a single instance of the tab is opened. If a tab is already open, clicking the sidebar brings the tab into view.

  4. To log out of the site, click the menu in the top-right corner.

    The current user appears in the top-right corner of every page. The Log Out button is part of this menu. You can also view which site you are working on.

  5. To switch to a different site, click the menu in the top-right corner.