Sub-Pipeline : DoInventory

Review the DoInventory sub-pipeline when scheduling inventory imports.

  1. Decision Node : ErrorCount == null
    • If true , continue
    • If false , return error
  2. Pipelet Script (bc_api). Call [GetImpExProcessingPath.ds]( This script retrieves the import processing path.
  3. Continue after calling node.
@input TaskDirectoryNameStringTask directory name
@input SiteIDStringSite ID
@input FileNameStringFile name
@input ImpexRootBooleanRoot directory is IMPEX (default: false)
@input FileExtensionStringProcessing File Extension (.processing)
@input sampleLoggerObjectSample Logger
@output processing file
@output ImpExProcessingPathStringImport/Export processing file path
@output SampleLoggerObjectDebug output for Sample logger
@output SampleErrorObjectError output for Sample logger