Collect Request Details

With B2C Commerce version 24.7, you can generate a JSON document that contains comprehensive information about the request. This JSON document is beneficial for troubleshooting, because it provides detailed information that is not included with standard logging, such as request authorization, hook execution, request query parameters, headers, and body.

To mitigate potential performance issues, the usage of the header is subject to rate limiting. Headers should only be used for individual test requests when a detailed investigation is necessary.

To enable this feature, include the following header in your request:

  • Header: sfdc_verbose: true

Upon the completion of the request, a JSON document is created and logged within the INFO log associated with the correlation ID of that request.

  1. Log into Log Center as described in Start Log Center.
  2. Use the correlation ID or the category scapi.verbose in combination with the Log Center Search to find the corresponding log entry.

The following example shows the objects (auth, request, response, customApi, hooks) that can be present in a verbose log entry: