Session Bridge Authorization

If you have an existing B2C Commerce session from a Storefront Reference Architecture or Site Genesis storefront and you want to get an access token for it, use the getSessionBridgeAccessToken endpoint.

This can be helpful when building out hybrid storefronts where different technologies are used to power a single shopping experience.

  • You have configured a SLAS client with the sfcc.session_bridge scope.
  • For a guest shopper, you have the dwsgst value.
  • For a registered shopper, you have the dwsid value and login_id.

The process for getting tokens for sessions is different for guest and registered users. The following call examples use a SLAS private client.

To bridge a guest session you need a signed guest token from the Script API method Session.generateGuestSessionSignature(). You must set login_id to “guest”:

To bridge a registered shopper session, you'll need their logged in session's dwsid cookie value: