At Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we want to encourage our developer community to connect, share, and collaborate—whether that’s through official or unofficial channels!

Through official channels, Salesforce employees can speak directly about Salesforce products, procedures, and policy. When Salesforce employees participate in the “unofficial” community, nothing they say or do can be endorsed by Salesforce. For example, product announcements or positioning statements can only be made through official channels.

Our official channels include:

Alongside official channels, there’s also the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud “Unofficial” Slack community. It was created by Commerce Cloud users a few years ago and has steadily grown over the years.

The “Unofficial” Slack is a place for developers to work together to solve the problems they encounter on a daily basis. It also gives members a place to discuss Salesforce B2C Commerce in a free and open environment. It’s run independently from Salesforce, with its own administrators and Terms of Use.

Here are some key channels to join: #scapi, #headless, and #pwa-kit.

With the acquisition of Slack, Salesforce provides sponsored access to features like expanded history. Beyond this sponsorship arrangement, Salesforce has no other involvement in how the community is run. The community maintains full independence from Salesforce.

Join the community today! Anyone can join in one of two ways:

  1. Someone who is already in the community can extend an invitation to you.
  2. Complete this Google Form to request access.

You don’t have to be affiliated with a Commerce Cloud customer or partner to join.

See more details on joining and getting started on GitHub.

For urgent issues that require timely resolution, contact Salesforce Support.