Commerce Solution for Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Salesforce for Consumer Goods enables brands to take control of their brand experience and build a personalized, intelligent, data-rich B2C Commerce experience. Companies can meet their shoppers online and build an ecommerce presence quickly. And with insights on customer behavior, companies can increase brand loyalty with intelligent merchandising, subscriptions, payments, customizable content, and a connected experience through delivery and fulfillment.

Also, Consumer Packaged Goods companies who sell through retailers can use B2B Commerce to reach smaller retailers such as convenience stores.

Building D2C isn’t merely about creating a channel to sell products. It’s about creating an experience and building personalized, one-on-one engagements. Why? Consumers want a relationship with your brand.

  • 52% of customers already visit a brand’s website with the intent to purchase. Source
  • 80% of consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as the product or services it offers. Source

D2C drives growth, increases revenue, and provides access to first-party data that can transform the consumer experience that you offer. This data can inform everything from product decisions to retailer relationships, and it can even help you unlock new consumer segments.

D2C also means directing organizational change, selecting the right team to craft a consumer-centric approach, and balancing existing relationships with channel partners. In some instances, that means opening up a new B2B Commerce channel.

For more information, check out the Going Direct to Consumer guide.

With consumer behavior rapidly changing, Commerce Cloud makes it easy to launch your ecommerce site and get to the market in weeks, not months. With Commerce Cloud, you can:

  • Launch a direct to consumer storefront
  • Implement a subscriptions offering
  • Integrate payments
  • Extend commerce to new channels and touchpoints
  • Connect order management and inventory
  • Open a B2B channel

For more information, see Salesforce Consumer Goods.

Building a digital shopping experience requires a best-in-class commerce toolset that allows you to connect to shoppers anytime, anywhere. The B2C Commerce Platform toolset can help create unified, intelligent digital commerce experiences.

  • B2C Commerce Storefront Reference Architecture (Mobile First)
  • Multiple and Localized Site Management
  • SEO Optimization and URL Management
  • Onsite Search
  • Product Management (Price Books, Catalogs, Navigation)
  • Marketing, Campaigns, and Promotions Engine
  • Customer Profile and Account Management
  • Customer Segmentation
  • AB Testing
  • Page Designer and Content
  • Dynamic Imaging Service
  • Inventory
  • Analytics
  • Privacy Tools
  • Embedded CDN
  • Integrated Payments
  • Guided Selling
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Headless API Experience
  • AI-Driven Capabilities Powered by Einstein
    • Einstein Predictive Sort
    • Einstein Product Recommendations
    • Einstein Commerce Insights
    • Einstein Search Dictionaries
    • Einstein Search Recommendations
  • Salesforce Order Management
  • Ecosystem
  • Salesforce Marketing and Service Cloud Integration

Developers have two paths:

  • Build on the Salesforce Commerce Platform using developer tooling, sample apps, headless APIs, and best practices.
  • Launch Commerce Quick Start Commerce Solutions that provide out-of-the-box (OOTB) solutions for Direct to Consumer, Subscriptions, Channels, Grocery, Quick Service Restaurants, along with B2B Commerce. Developers can offload implementation and managed services to partners in these offerings.

Salesforce Professional Services teams help you every step of the way. With deep industry and commerce expertise, customer success experts can help plan, scope, and build your next Consumer Goods project.

Launch a Commerce Quick Start Solution that provides quick to market OOTB solutions for Direct to Consumer and B2B use cases. Developers can offload implementation and managed services to partners in these offerings. Quick Start for Direct-to-Consumer Launch a direct-to-consumer commerce site for essential and consumer goods. Quick Start for Subscriptions Give customers an easy way to stock up on products they love. Quick Start for Channels Extend your ecommerce to new channels. Quick Start for Grocery and Quick Service Sell essential grocery and food items online. Quick Start for B2B Commerce Deploy a B2B Commerce storefront for self-service ordering.