Get Started with B2C Commerce Solutions

B2C Commerce Solutions are designed with you and your business in mind. Using common real-world use cases, commerce-driven APIs, and third-party integrations, solutions accelerate time to launch and are powered by Salesforce C360.

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Companies across all industries are looking to digital platforms as the cornerstone for leading a digital transformation across the entire 360-degree customer journey. Savvy developers see the potential in building a commerce strategy on a flexible platform with proven AI-powered commerce services, that can extend to any touchpoint, integrate across data and systems, and provide trusted availability.

To guide learning and accelerate time-to-market for building industry solutions on the Salesforce Commerce Platform, developers have access to guides that combine business value, platform features, proven best practices, resources, and more.

Each guide shows opportunities for extending the Commerce Platform for industry use cases, along with features, and how to get started. There are also toolkits for certain industries. These toolkits provide developer blueprints, with code, sample apps, and tooling on how to bring together Salesforce Industry and Customer 360 solutions for an integrated solution.

Developers and architects of all skill levels can build well-performing solutions on our B2C Enterprise solution. Read our technical guides to learn how to efficiently build scalable solutions that perform all year long through any sales season.

Before you start exploring and building on B2C Commerce, you must be familiar with the powerful features and development tools of the Salesforce Commerce API, Storefront Applications, and Page Designer.

Self-Service Order Management for SFRA (Access granted via GitHub).

With Salesforce B2C Solution Kits you can explore the power of multi-cloud solutions to create customer experiences that connect with customers, grow your business, and provide resilience to market changes. These kits show you how to implement Salesforce recommended cross-cloud solutions to common retail use cases.

Get product recommendations, workflow details, and instructions to help you implement the solution from start to finish. Each use case overview gives you a real-world example of the problematic situation that each solution kit solves. And for developers, we include the information needed to deploy the functionality so that you can deliver a perfectly personalized experience to your ecommerce shoppers.

See Solution Kits for Retail and B2C.