Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do shopper profile rules work with existing product recommendation rules in the Einstein Configurator for each recommender?

A: Shopper profile rules enhance the results generated by product recommendation rules. The Einstein engine first generates initial recommendation results based on how merchants set up recommenders, strategies, and product rules. Only after these initial results are generated does the Einstein engine use shopper profile rules to promote or demote products mapped within the results.

Q: How do multiple shopper profile rules work together?

A: The more shopper profile rules a product matches, the higher their preference and the higher they appear in sorting order. For example, if you configure five shopper profile rules, and product A matches all five of the rules, product B matches two of the rules, and product C matches none of the rules, the product sorting order for the recommendation results is A, B, C.

Q: Why do shopper profile rules not support show or hide actions?

A: Rules like show or hide, because they filter matched results, can potentially lead to fewer recommendations than desired. The promote and demote rules do not eliminate recommendations, but alter the order in which a recommendation appears to the shopper.

Q: Can I apply shopper profile rules to all recommender types?

A: With the exception of the Complete the Set recommender, this API applies to all recommender types. The Complete the Sets recommender generates set recommendations based on product attributes and automatically takes gender, age, and other factors into consideration.

Q: Can I preview the recommendation results for each shopper profile rule?

A: Yes, you can preview recommendation results with one or more shopper profile rules enabled. We recommend that you test rules thoroughly using the Preview option provided for each recommender.

Q: How many shopper profile rules can I add to a recommender?

A: You can add up to 15 shopper profile rules to each recommender. After you reach that limit, the Add Shopper Profile Rule button is disabled. To add a new shopper profile rule to the recommender, you must first remove an existing rule.

Q: I understand that I can configure up to 30 product rules and up to 15 shopper profile rules for each recommender in Einstein Configurator. Can extra mapping rules be allowed?

A: Not currently. Applying too many rules to a recommender can adversely affect recommendation results. It’s also harder to manage. For these reasons, we encourage you to add rules sparingly to avoid confusion, overlap, and possible contradiction.

Q: Does Einstein automatically take in customer groups set up in Commerce Cloud Business Manager?

A: No. Einstein does not currently support the use of customer group data.

Q: Does Einstein require shoppers to log in to use this feature?

A: This feature works for anonymous shoppers if you implement the updateProfile activity with cookieId. For more information, access the Send Profile Data section and review the User Identifiers sections under both Bulk Upload and Real-Time Activity Tracking.