Confirm Activities

Sending activities tracking data to the Einstein engine provides insights into how customers interact with your site. When implementing the Einstein Activities API, confirm that you’re making the API calls to send each activity when events occur. See Specification - Endpoints - Activities for details on the API calls.

When the API successfully sends activities, the API call returns a 200 - OK status response code. In addition, to confirm the receipt and processing of activities, check the API page activity health status dashboard in the Einstein Configurator. If Einstein receives an activity 5 times or more in the last 7 days, that activity is marked as healthy. The system marks fewer than 5 received activities as unhealthy, or indicates when no activities are received at all.

Individual activities don’t always appear as independent data events. Instead, Einstein gathers data from every activity, from each page, and uses that data to build a more sophisticated, comprehensive view of each customer session. Activities data typically appears within 48 hours in the Einstein dashboard tab in the Reports and Dashboards app.