Einstein Activities

Send Einstein-related site activities to enhance the customer experience.

The Einstein Activities API provides access to activities that you can use to track site interactions, and send them to the Einstein engine to enhance user experiences or provide reporting data.

The primary purpose of the Einstein Activities API is to send activities to Einstein. Using this API does not require using the Einstein Recommendations API. Some activities are automatically used with Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) storefronts, like those for sending and receiving Einstein Recommendations. However, even when you aren't using the micro-services associated with SFRA, like when using Progressive Web App (PWA) storefronts, you can send activities to the Einstein engine for processing.

To enable access to any Einstein API endpoints, go to Einstein Configurator, and input your Commerce Cloud Account Manager client ID in the API page. Using Site Administrator access, you can add an API Client ID on the Account Manager page.

When enabled, and as long as the correct site ID and client ID are passed, the API functions in all environments, including production, staging, development, and sandbox instances.

Each API call must pass the x-cq-client-id header for API key authentication.

Implementing our API on the client side or server side comes with some tradeoffs. To ensure that you keep your client ID secret, we recommend that you implement our API on the server side for increased security. Client-side implementation runs the risk of exposing your client ID to bad actors.

Reports & Dashboards can use data from Einstein Activites or web adapter logs, but not both. If you're considering a phased headless rollout, where some site elements are powered by a headless front end and others are powered by SFRA or Sitegensis, you must update your SFRA storefront to use the Einstein Activities API.

Before you can use Einstein Activities for analytics, you must contact Support and ask them to enable the feature in Business Manager.

To configure a B2C Commerce instance to use Einstein Activities for analytics:

  1. Log in to Business Manager.
  2. Go to Administration > Operations
  3. Click Active Merchandising Analytics Configuration.
  4. Choose the site that you want to configure.
  5. For Source for Activities, select Einstein Activities (must be enabled by Support).
  6. Apply the change.

Our service is globally distributed, horizontally scalable, and can automatically scale up and down based on traffic so load testing is unnecessary. We recommend that you avoid any load testing because it affects recommendation results.

Einstein doesn’t provide separate reporting for activity data. You can view standard reporting in the Einstein Dashboard.