Send Activities

Activities tracking data provides Einstein insights into how shoppers interact with the applications. For the Einstein engine to learn and serve the best possible recommendations, you must send your activities data through the API.

viewProduct, viewReco, clickReco, and addToCart are the required activities. During implementation, confirm that you’re making the API calls to send each activity when these events occur. See Specification - Endpoints - Activities for details on the API calls.

  • viewProduct - Send this activity one time when a shopper views any product detail page.

  • viewReco - Send this activity when viewing every set of recommendations.

    Ideally, you send this activity when a user views recommendations, but that is not required. Instead, you can send this activity when recommendations are loaded and displayed.

  • clickReco - Send this activity every time a shopper clicks a recommendation.

  • addToCart - Send this activity every time a shopper adds a product to the cart.

To confirm that the API successfully sends activities, ensure that the API call returns a “200 - OK” status response code. To confirm the response, go to the Einstein Configurator and check the activity health status dashboard on the API page. If Einstein receives an activity 5 times or more in the last 7 days, that activity is marked as healthy. The system marks fewer than 5 received activities as unhealthy, or indicates when no activities are received at all.

Activities for a recommender typically appear within 48 hours in the Einstein dashboard tab in the Reports and Dashboards app. To make separate reporting and troubleshooting easier, we recommend that you create separate recommenders for the Einstein Recommendations API.

The finishCheckout activity is also required. However, because it’s likely your site is already enabled on the Commerce Cloud platform, the finishCheckout activity is sent automatically.

If the required activities are not passed to the Einstein API, reporting on the Einstein dashboard tab in the Reports and Dashboards app is affected. The content generated for this report is based on these required activities.