Einstein Activity Usage

Commerce Einstein uses session storage objects to store and track browser activities. With this information, Einstein can tailor customer experiences. Where and how to use activities depends on what information you want to send to Einstein.

Where you place API activities is important. The viewReco, clickReco, viewProduct, and addToCart activities are required for use with the Einstein Recommendations API. However, you can implement activities independently on pages where you want to gather specific browser interactions. For example, using the viewSearch and clickSearch activities can enhance Discovery Search configurations, whereas category or checkout activities can send information about customer site interactions.

All of these activities are implemented in the PWA Kit template. If you have already implemented Einstein Recommendations activities, make sure to add other API callouts manually to take advantage of their capabilities. Hybrid setups, where you are using a combined SFRA and PWA Kit implementation, can require that you invoke the APIs in a different way. Contact Support for details.

You can use the Commerce Cloud Recommendation Validator to see when activities are sent from an existing site.

viewRecoIndicates when a customer views a served recommendation.Pages where a customer views any served recommendations.
clickRecoIndicates when a customer clicks the link for a served recommendation.Pages where a customer can click the link for a served recommendation.
viewProductIndicates when a customer opens a product page.Product-related pages.
addToCartIndicates when a customer adds a product to their cart.Any checkout pages where customers add products to a cart or basket.
viewSearchIndicates when a customer is looking at the results of their search.Pages where a customer views search results.
clickSearchIndicates when a customer clicks a result from their search.Pages where a customer can click to select links from search results.
viewPageIndicates when a customer is viewing a page.Any page where you want to gather data about when a customer views the page. When a page includes any other activity, it automatically indicates when the page is viewed, making this activity unnecessary.
viewCategoryIndicates when a customer is looking at a category listing page.Any category listing pages.
clickCategoryIndicates when a customer clicks an item from the category listing page.Category listing pages where a customer can select items.
beginCheckoutIndicates when a customer starts a checkout process.Pages where a customer can start a checkout process. For example, customers can start a checkout process by adding an item from a product page to their cart, from any page where they click to access the cart page directly, or only from cart page when they begin to provide checkout details.
checkoutStepIndicates when a customer performs one of the site’s checkout steps, as defined for customers using the headless PWA kit.Any pages, after the page where the checkout process begins, that are part of a defined checkout process.