Create a Store with the B2B Commerce (LWR) Template

To migrate your store from B2B Commerce Aura to LWR, create a store using the B2B Commerce (LWR) template. The preparation you do before migration can take place in your B2B Commerce Aura store, but you need a new template to complete the migration. For more information, see Create a Store Using a Template.

  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Stores, and then select Stores.
  2. Click Create a Store.
  3. From the template options, select B2B Commerce (LWR), and then click Get Started.

B2B Commerce (LWR) template option.

  1. Enter a Store Name and URL.
  2. Click Create.

Your new LWR store is ready after a few minutes. You can then continue to the final steps of migration, including implementing any Lightning web components that you prepared in advance. See Migrate Your Store.