Environment Variable Tutorials

Follow these tutorials to set environment variables then implement code in your PWA Kit site to use the variables. You can customize the code according to your specific requirements. The tutorials show you how to:

We recommend testing the steps on your local machine, then in a non-production environment before deploying your changes to production. For more guidance, see Best Practices, Troubleshoot Environment Variables, and Debugging Locally.

Before running the commands in these tutorials, replace any placeholders with actual values. Placeholders are formatted like this: $PLACEHOLDER.

To complete the tasks in these tutorials, you must first:

  • Get access to Managed Runtime and Runtime Admin. See Managed Runtime Administration.
  • Have an API key to use the Managed Runtime API. To find your API key, log in to the Runtime Admin tool and go to the Account Settings page.
  • Have a developer or admin role on the project for which you’re setting environment variables. If you don't have access, ask someone in a Managed Runtime admin role to help you with that.