Upgrade Node Version

Customers control which version of Node is used to run a Managed Runtime environment. Every two years, customers must upgrade Node versions, as support for older versions is removed to maintain security.

The current recommended version is Node 14.17+.

To update an environment to Node 14.17+:

  • Edit your project’s package.json file.
  • Update your packages to versions that support Node 14.17+.
  • Update ssrParameters.ssrFunctionNodeVersion to 14.x. This attribute sets the version of Node used by Managed Runtime environments.
  • Update your local development environments, continuous integration servers, and anything that builds bundles to use Node 14.17+. Reinstall all of your project's packages using the new Node version.
  • Test that your project works as expected in a local development environment.
  • Push a new bundle and deploy it to a non-production environment.
  • Confirm that the environment works as expected.
  • Deploy the new bundle to your production environment.