Upgrade Node Version

Customers control which version of Node is used to run a Managed Runtime environment. Every two years, customers must upgrade Node versions, as support for older versions is removed to maintain security.

The current recommended version is Node 14.

To update an environment to Node 14:

  • Edit your project’s package.json file.
  • Update your packages to versions that support Node 14.
  • Update ssrParameters.ssrFunctionNodeVersion to 14.x. This attribute sets the version of Node used by Managed Runtime environments.
  • Update your local development environments, continuous integration servers, and anything that builds bundles to use Node 14. Reinstall all of your project's packages using the new Node version.
  • Test that your project works as expected in a local development environment.
  • Push a new bundle and deploy it to a non-production environment.
  • Confirm that the environment works as expected.
  • Deploy the new bundle to your production environment.