Add a Promotions Subflow to a Checkout Flow

To add promotion capability to a checkout flow created before Winter ’22, add a subflow.

Required Editions
Available in: Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions
Required Editions
Available in: B2B Commerce

Your flow must be based on the legacy B2B checkout flow template. If you haven’t created a promotion subflow, see Create a Promotion Subflow for an Existing Checkout Flow.

  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Flows, and then select Flows.

  2. In Flow Builder, open your main checkout flow.

  3. Configure when the subflow is triggered.

    1. Double-click the Main Decision Hub node.

    2. On the Edit Decision screen, click +.

    3. For the label, enter Promotions.

    4. For Conditions Requirement, select All Conditions Are Met (AND).

    5. For Resource, select mainCheckoutSession > state.

    6. For Operator, select Equals.

    7. For Value, enter Promotions.

    8. Click Done.

  4. Drag a Subflow element onto the canvas, placing it between the Confirm Price and Shipping Cost subflow nodes.

    Location of promotion subflow

  5. On the New Subflow screen, search for the promotion subflow that you created, and select it.

  6. Modify the settings for the new subflow, and then click Done.

    Settings for promotions subflow

  7. Drag a connector line from the Main Decision Hub to your promotions subflow.

  8. On the Select outcome for decision connector screen, select Promotions.

  9. Drag a connector line from your promotions subflow to the Assignment node.

  10. Double-click the Confirm Price subflow.

  11. On the Edit β€œSubflow - Confirm Price” Subflow screen, enter Promotions as the nextState.

  12. Click Save As and select A New Version.

  13. Click Activate.

Map the promotions integration to the store.