UseCheckoutComponent Interface

On the checkout page for a B2B or B2C store created with an LWR template, child checkout components implement the useCheckoutComponent mixin interface.

The component API is used to create custom components that integrate with the checkout process of form validation and the synchronization of external API validations.

This component API adds these helper methods to a LightningElement.

The component API also adds these default implementations for container-initiated actions. The component designer can override these implementations as needed.

These are the currently defined checkout stages.

These aspect type definitions are referenced by the helper methods.

The checkout data provider is used to access checkout session API data and local, not-yet-persisted form changes. The data provider Checkout.Details publishes an object of type CheckoutFormOverlay.

The checkout data provider published data is updated using the provided component API dispatchUpdateAsync. It accepts an object of type CheckoutFormRequest with the list of fields to update.