B2B Checkout Flow Elements

The B2B checkout flows include flow elements that structure the buyer experience.

Several core elements create the basic structure of your checkout flow.

  • Startβ€”Your checkout flow execution begins here.
  • Fetch Checkout Sessionβ€”Returns the CartCheckoutSessionId. The session identifies the current state of the checkout and whether an async task is running in the background. Based on that information, the element determines whether to display the wait screen. The checkout process routes to the next step based on current state and async task status. This process provides a re-entrant checkout and executes one time per loop in the default implementation.
  • Route by Stateβ€”Routes to the next element based on the value of CartCheckoutSession.State and transitions to CartCheckoutSession.IsProcessing. It then routes to the wait screen until the background operation completes and sets CartCheckoutSession.IsProcessing to false.
  • Wait Screenβ€”A screen that polls CartCheckoutSession.IsProcessing for changes and routes back to Fetch Checkout Session when CartCheckoutSession.IsProcessing is false.