B2B Checkout Flows

B2B checkout implementations are built in Flow Builder, the Salesforce declarative programming interface that requires no coding. The included applications execute each task in the checkout sequence. The Commerce app checkout applications use APIs to trigger interactions between carts, orders, and external providers that take shoppers through all the sequential statesβ€”inventory check, shipping, tax fee calculation, payment authorization, order creation, and so onβ€”to support your store checkout.

Main Checkout Flow

When the data and processing necessary to complete integration tasks are tightly coupled with local objects (cart, pricing, inventory), the Main Checkout flow is preferable. This mostly synchronous checkout implementation elicits immediate feedback from objects when triggered by the checkout UI. The Main Checkout flow is a full-featured checkout implementation that provides a responsive experience.

Pricing and Promotions Flow

When you install the Main Checkout flow, the Pricing and Promotions flow is also installed. Use this flow to support B2B promotions.

Re-entrant Checkout Flow

The Re-entrant Checkout flow supports:

  • Multiple carts per shopper in various checkout states
  • Shopper navigation back to a cart that was closed during checkout by a browser, with no loss of data
  • Access to eligible promotions for cart items

Like the Main Checkout and Pricing and Promotions flows, the Re-entrant Checkout flow consists of Apex classes that execute subflow logic. You use an SFDX GitHub script to install the Re-entrant Checkout flow.

The separate, legacy B2B checkout flow template that is also provided does not support tokenization for credit card payments with external providers.