Cart Data Limits

ObjectLimit for B2BLimit for D2CStore or OrgNotes
Total Open CartsNo limit5 millionN/AThe number of carts with items.
Line Items per Cart2,000 unique itemsN/AN/AMost stores limit cart size to 500 line items per order. However, if your B2B or B2C store requires a higher limit, you can enable support for large carts to process up to 2,000 line items per order. See Considerations for Large Carts.
Active Carts101 active carts per userN/AN/A1 primary cart + up to 100 secondary carts.A cart is active as long as the customer is still shopping or has not completed the checkout process. Active carts can consume a lot of data. An active cart tracks products added to the cart by their quantity, price, promotions, and the like.
Tax Items5 tax items per cart item. Five tax items per cart item price adjustment.N/AN/AA tax item refers to the specific tax that is applied to a product or service in the shopping cart. It is calculated based on various factors such as the type of product, the location of the buyer, and the tax laws of the region. Your business rules can apply up to 5 tax items per cart.
Shipping Charges20N/AN/ACharges added to the cart to ship the order.
Wish List Items500 itemsN/AN/AItems set aside to consider for a future purchase.
Wish Lists10 per userN/AN/AA list of items a buyer sets aside to consider for a future purchase.
Maximum Number of secondary carts100 per userN/AA single user can only have one primary cart at a time and up to 100 secondary carts

Best Practice

The items per cart limit is a generous 2,000 items. If you know your buyers never approach this limit, you can lower the limit saving data usage for other objects. Consider the same approach for wish list items and wish lists.

All of the cart and wish list data limits can be managed at lower limits. Monitor cart and wish list data usage and if your buyers consistently stay below the limits, you can lower the limits for some or all of the cart and wish list limits. This saves data allowances for other objects.

If you have cart data requirements that exceed the limits, consider the impact on checkout performance and data storage limits.

  • Does the additional data push any related data objects beyond their limits?
  • Can you offset a data increase by decreasing data requirements in other store functions?

After you assess the impact of a data increase, if you still want to request an increase, contact Support.