Entitlement Data Limits

ObjectLimit B2B and D2C Except Where IndicatedStore or OrgNotes
Entitlement PoliciesB2B: 105,000
D2C: 1
OrgB2B: This can be increased based on the holistic use of data limits
Products per Entitlement PolicyB2B: 3 million
D2C: 1 million
StoreBecause store products can be based on a single entitlement policy. Ensure this limit is consistent with the number of products supported at your store level.
Entitlement Policies per Buyer GroupD2C: 1StoreD2C: 1 Entitlement Policy is supported per Buyer Group and only 1 Buyer Group is supported.
Buyer Groups per Entitlement PolicyB2B: 200
D2C: 1
N/AExtending this limit beyond capacity can lead to data scaling issues.
Buyer Entitlements per ProductB2B: 2,000StoreB2B: This limit refers to the number of Buyer Groups within which a product can be entitled. Extending this limit beyond recommendation can significantly impede the search service. During search indexing, only the first two thousand buyer groups for a product are included in the index. buyer groups above two thousand are not included. In the context of a search, the buyer groups over two thousand do not return entitlements. Note: This limit is not enforced when loading data into Salesforce.

Best Practice

Salesforce recommends you keep entitlements data within the scope of the established limits. If you have requirements that exceed these limits, consider the impact on your store and org operations before you request a limit increase. For example:

  • Extending buyer entitlements per product can adversely impede search indexing.
  • Extending the buyer groups per entitlement policy limit can cause data scaling issues.

Increasing data limits also impacts the comprehensive application of store and org-level data limits. For each entitlement limit extension, measure the additional data the product generates.

  • Does the additional data push the related data objects beyond their limits?
  • Can you offset a data increase by decreasing data requirements in other store or org functions?

After you assess the impact of a data increase, if you still want to request an increase, contact Support.