Promotions Data Limits

ObjectLimit for B2BStore or OrgNotes
Total Promotions per Org5,000Org
Total Coupons per Org1 millionOrg
Total Active Promotions Evaluated per Cart50 Automatic Promotions
50 Coupon Promotions
N/AYou can’t have more than a combined 100 automatic and coupons promotions evaluated per cart. All active promotions beyond 100 are not evaluated.
Total Promotions applied per Cart24 Product Promotions
6 Order Promotions
N/AIf you set exclusivity to None, you can have all 24 product level and all 6 order promotions applied to a single cart.
Number of Coupons per Cart5N/A

Best Practice

To moderate the use of promotion data, focus on key promotions that align with your business goals and marketing strategies. Prioritize promotions that are likely to have the most significant impact on customer engagement and sales. Consider limiting the number of active promotions to those that are most relevant and impactful. Avoid having an excessive number of active promotions to stay within data limits.

Conduct regular reviews of existing promotions. Remove any outdated or unused promotions, and ensure that the information within each promotion is accurate and up-to-date.

Utilize expiration dates for promotions to automatically deactivate them when they expire. This helps prevent the accumulation of outdated or inactive promotions in the system.

Before implementing changes or introducing new promotions in the production environment, thoroughly test them in a sandbox environment. Ensure that the data generated during testing doesn't contribute to unnecessary storage consumption.

If you have promotion data requirements that exceed the limits, consider the impact on checkout performance and the promotion data storage limits.

  • Does the additional data push any related data objects beyond their limits?
  • Can you offset a data increase by decreasing data requirements in other store functions?

After you assess the impact of a data increase, if you still want to request an increase, contact Support.