Shopper Buyer Groups and Accounts Data Limits

ObjectLimit for B2BLimit for D2CStore or OrgNotes
Buyer Groups1 million1N/A
Buyer Accounts1,000,0003 millionN/AB2B: If leveraging any external license that requires associated roles, for example, Customer Community Plus and Partner Community, the default number of roles used in an org’s portals or communities is 50,000. See experience cloud documentation on Portal Roles and External Licenses. For both B2B and D2C, this limit can be extended. Please work with your account representative if you need more than 1M shoppers
Buyer Accounts per Buyer Group900,000N/AN/A
Buyer Groups per Buyer Account20N/AN/A
Account Switcher200 Buy For AccountsN/AN/AB2B: To extend beyond the 200 Buy For accounts limit, requires you to create a custom implementation of the Account Switcher. At levels beyond 200 Buy For accounts, the performance of the provided Account Switcher begins to degrade. At 2 thousand Buy For accounts the Account Switcher fails.

Best Practice

Salesforce recommends you manage buyer group data within the scope of the established limits. If you intend to customize buyer group limits, design a clear and efficient approach that doesn’t push all data boundaries. Define buyer groups' relationships and dependencies with other objects and ensure a logical structure. For example, Buyer groups have pricing and entitlements object dependencies. Changing a buyer group limit can impact the pricing and entitlements limits.

Establish clear policies and guidelines for managing buyer groups. Set policies for creating new groups, updating existing groups, and deleting groups.

When creating buyer groups, use buyer demographics to segment your buyers into appropriate buyer groups effectively. Consider criteria such as industry, size, location, or purchasing behavior. Well-planned buyer group segmentation can minimize the number of buyer groups and lower the impact on data required to support them.

Regularly review and clean up buyer group data. Remove any outdated or unused groups or group members, and ensure that the information within each group is accurate and up-to-date.

If you have buyer group requirements that exceed the limits, consider the impact on performance and data storage limits.

  • Does the additional data push the related data objects beyond their limits?
  • Can you offset a data increase by decreasing data requirements in other store functions?

After you assess the impact of a data increase, if you still want to request an increase, contact Support.