Store Data Limits

ObjectLimit B2B and D2C Except Where IndicatedStore or OrgNotes
Stores100 per OrgOrgThe limit supports 100 stores (B2B and D2C combined) per Org.
Languages per Store25 LanguagesOrg25 languages can be associated with a store. Only 1 language per user session can be selected as the user language.
Translations and Localization25 LanguagesOrgThe limit supports translating products and categories into 25 languages.

Best Practice

As a data object, a store significantly impacts your org-level data limits. To minimize stress on data limits, carefully consider the number of stores it takes to support your business needs. At the Org level, Store data impacts prices, price books, price book entries, buyer group price books, entitlement policies, buyer groups, buyer accounts, translations, promotions, and coupons.

Evaluate the business objectives of each store and design stores that maximize customer needs. For example, you have a main store so all customers can shop for your main product offerings in several languages and currencies. In addition, you can operate a few specialty stores that offer limited lines of products, serve smaller geographic areas, or cater to specific demographics. A well-architected approach helps you set up stores that use data to generate traffic and revenue.