Disable Cart to Order Mappings for Custom Fields

Starting in Spring ‘23, the Cart to Order action supports the automatic mapping of custom fields. This feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it if needed.

You use Developer Console to disable the automatic mapping of custom fields supported by the Cart to Order action.

  1. Locate your commerce store ID.

    1. Navigate to the Commerce app and select your store.

    2. In the URL, find your store ID.

      In this example, the store ID is the string of numbers and letters before /view.


  2. Set the value of the OptionsCartToOrderAutoCustomFieldMapping to false.

    1. From Developer Console, select Query Editor.

    2. Copy the following SOQL query to the Query Editor panel, and replace storeID with the 15- or 18-digit Salesforce ID of the store.

    3. Click Execute.

    4. Double-click the value in the OptionsCartToOrderAutoCustomFieldMapping column, and set the value to false.

    5. Click Save Rows.