Create a Flow to Send an Email Alert

After you create an email template and an email alert, you can create a flow to trigger the alert.

  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find Box, enter Process Automation, and select Flows.

  2. Create a flow.

  3. Select Auto launched Flow, and click Create.

  4. In Flow Builder, select the Manager tab, and click New Resource.

  5. Fill in the New Resource form.

    1. Under Resource Type, select Variable.

    2. For API Name, enter CartCheckoutSessionRecord.

    3. Under Data Type, select Record.

    4. Under Object, select Cart Checkout Session.

    5. For Availability Outside the Flow, select Available for input.

  6. Click Done.

  7. Back in Flow Builder, select the Elements tab. Drag the Action element to the canvas.

  8. Fill in the New Action form.

    1. For Filter By, select Type.

    2. Select Email Alert.

    3. Click Search email alerts, and select the alert you created.

    4. Label your action Checkout Stage Email Notification Alert Action.

    5. For the API Name, enter Checkout_Stage_Email_Notification_Alert_Action.

    6. Under Record ID, enter {!CartCheckoutSessionRecord.Id}.

  9. Click Done.

  10. Link the two flow actions by dragging a connection between them.

  11. Save and activate your flow.