Commerce Payment Gateway Processing

The Commerce Payment Gateway connects your store and third party payment providers. The gateway validates and processes payment API requests including tokenization, authorization, capture, refund, and other checkout API requests.

Required Editions
Available in: Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions
Available in: B2B Commerce and B2B2C Commerce

The Commerce Payments Gateway uses the CommercePayments Apex namespace. For more information, see the Apex Reference Guide.

The Commerce Payments Gateway parses key object fields passed by the UI Checkout components. These fields include data to tokenize and authorize the payment request. For example, the Payments Gateway requires a tokenize request to pass this information.

Authorization, capture, refund, and other requests also pass these objects. Review the Stripe adapter samples in the Payments Reference Package to see how objects for transmission to Stripe are handled.

Examples for the Salesforce Payment Adapter include:

  • tokenizeRequest → commercePayments.PaymentMethodTokenizationRequest
  • authRequest → commercePayments.AuthorizationRequest
  • captureRequest → commercePayments.CaptureRequest
  • refundRequest → commercePayments.ReferencedRefundRequest