Payment Integration

The Commerce app payment architecture combines checkout APIs, the Payment Gateway, and an integrated payment package for B2B and B2C stores. Choose from a variety of Payment Gateway integration options and payment components. Commerce B2B and D2C payment integration does not yet support multiple payment methods or sale transactions.

Payment Integration for checkout is built on the foundation of the Commerce payment framework in Salesforce that is also used by other products in the Salesforce portfolio such as Revenue Cloud and Order Management. The Commerce payment framework allows you to author an Apex class that acts as an Payment Adapter between Salesforce and the payment gateway. Secure and PCI compliant, the framework handles the creation of payment specific records in the Salesforce system, logging calls to the gateway for auditing, and idempotency.

In the Winter β€˜24 release, we introduced Commerce extensions for pricing, inventory, shipping, taxes, and other services. While the checkout integrations framework is still supported, we recommend extensions over integrations because they offer more targeted customizations for your B2B or B2C store. Plus, they’re available for more Commerce domains. See Get Started With Salesforce Commerce Extensions.