Troubleshoot SFRA

Troubleshoot common SFRA issues.

Only existing customers can access some of the links on this page. Visit Salesforce Commerce Cloud GitHub Repositories and Access for information about how to get access to the Commerce Cloud repositories.

If you want Salesforce B2C Commerce script debugging capabilities in an IDE other than Eclipse, you must use one of the IDEs supported by the Dwdebugger repository.

In GitHub, you can see the differences between two versions of Nobile_First Reference Architecture (SFRA). This ability lets you quickly identify code that has changed.

Create SFRA as a separate site and import the data for the site to see if the behavior remains the same.

If you've added SFRA to a new sandbox and it doesn't appear to work, check the following:

  • Are you on the correct code compatibility version?

  • Are you sure that your cartridge path is the same as the cartridges in your workspace?

  • If you're using Eclipse, did you check your project references?

If you aren't seeing your changes reflected on the server, try activating a different code version and then reactivating the current code version. If you immediately add an empty code version, you're ready to troubleshoot from the start.

  1. Select Administration > Code Deployment.
  2. Click Add and enter a name for your new code version.