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Commerce Cloud Community Suite

The Commerce Cloud Community Suite is a selection of tools and libraries that you can use in your projects. We’ve chosen the tools based on their popularity and interoperability.

Unless you’re using another build tool, we also recommend using the Build Suite to deploy to environments in the primary instance group (staging, for example). As a best practice, don’t deploy to production systems by connecting your local workspace.

Only existing customers can access some of the following links. Visit Access the GitHub Repositories for information about how to get access to the Community Suite repositories.

Storefront Reference Architecture

Check out this repository for the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) reference application.

SOM-SFRA Self-Service Plugin

Check out this repository for the Salesforce Order Management - SFRA Self-Service Plugin. This plugin enhances the app_storefront_base cartridge by providing "Salesforce Order Management self-service" functionality.

Page Designer Reference Implementation

This resource contains example page types and component types for Salesforce B2C Commerce Page Designer. Use these examples as a starting point for developing your own custom page types and component types.

SFRA Themes Plugin

This plugin enhances the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) by providing theming capabilities using Page Designer. You can modify the look and feel of your website with clicks not code!

Instance Initializer

Create and initialize a sandbox by deploying code and data, and bootstrapping the instance (that is, building the search index, installing plugins, and so on). Use this tool to quickly spin up a Storefront Reference Architecture Demo Box. This tool also provides examples on how to use sfcc-ci.

SFRA Service Worker Plugin

This service worker plugin for Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) includes basic Progressive Web Apps (PWA) features and advanced caching capabilities.

Style Guide

The coding style guide applies a defined set of standards to the development process. It includes ESLint configuration files so that you can automate code checks.

SFRA Webpack Builder

Because webpack can be cumbersome to set up, especially in multicartridge projects for SFRA, use this plugin to bundle all your .js, .scss, and .jsx files out of the box.

Unit Testing / DW API Mock

The API mock provides the Commerce Cloud API as stubs and instructions on how to use this stub with Mocha JS to create and run unit tests for Commerce Cloud scripts. The tests run in a Node.js environment and can be embedded into build scripts or BitBucket pipelines.

Build Suite The Build Suite is a popular and well-tested JavaScript tool powered by Grunt. Use a set of scripts to automate your build processes and add additional value. The Build Suite offers numerous features such as Linting (server-side DS files), resource optimization, Storefront Toolkit Build information, test files, and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Salesforce Commerce Cloud CI

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud CI is a command-line interface (CLI) for interacting with Commerce Cloud instances from the command line or shell of various operating systems to facilitate Continuous Integration practices. It provides a JavaScript API that you can use to integrate with higher-level build tools, such as the Build Suite.

Custom Feeds

Use Custom Feeds to define extra export feeds in XML or CSV format. Check out the detailed instructions. You can provide catalog feeds to marketing providers, such as Google Shopping or ad agencies.

Simple Ratings & Reviews

Simple Ratings & Reviews uses custom objects to let customers submit reviews, and aggregates the numbers later (number of reviews, average, and so on).

This feature is intended for small and medium-size clients, with a limit of one million product reviews total.

Business Manager Tools

This solution provides the following tools for Business Manager:

  • Total File Demander: Access a remote server from this instance to circumvent firewall issues.
  • Browse Remote - HTTP(s): Access remote HTTP(s) URLs from this instance to check if a connection between the systems can be established, to circumvent firewall issues and to check the responses a request produces.

Catalog Reducer

You can use this node tool to reduce the size of a large catalog by using selection criteria. For example, you can reduce a catalog with 100,000 products to a catalog with 1,000 products by having a minimum number of main products, or products with certain attributes set.


This sample implementation shows Headless ecommerce running on, for example, Heroku.

Job Components

This toolbox is for basic operations done in jobs. It’s a successor for the deprecated Integration Framework’s Standard Components.

Visual Studio Code - Prophet Debugger

This extension enables code upload and debugging.

Digital API Language Definitions in Typescript Format

Use these type definitions for code completion in WebStorm or VS Code.

Service Framework / package.dw.svc

The Service Framework wraps web services into script classes and provides configuration for synchronous services (SOAP, HTTP, and FTP).

Active Recommendations

Use Active Recommendations to implement a simple upselling feature. This solution uses live order analysis and customer active data to create a product recommendation section to show shoppers during checkout as an upsell incentive.

Content Copy Tool

Use this custom Business Manager module to transfer files between different server locations and the local file system, similar to an FTP client. You can upload files, manipulate folders, and copy Content Assets or Content Slots, making your merchandising work so much easier. Data Resource Usage

Data Resource Usage gives access to the environment via WebDAV and calculates the aggregated size of directories.

Dynamic Imaging Service (DIS) Wrapper

The Dynamic Imaging Service (DIS) Wrapper is helpful when you need multiple product image sizes but don’t have the backend system or processes to scale and replicate all the data to Commerce Cloud sandboxes. You can upload one image size, and any additional sizes that you need for your website are derived from the uploaded image.

Marketing Cloud Connector

The Marketing Cloud Connector includes reusable code (written in Commerce Cloud JavaScript) and implementation best practices to accelerate integration between Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Supported cross-cloud use cases include sending transactional emails and behavioral emails, such as for abandoned cart, abandoned browse, and abandoned search.

Service Cloud Connector

The Salesforce B2C Commerce to Service Cloud Connector is a Salesforce Labs project that facilitates the integration between Salesforce B2C Commerce and Service Cloud. This connector provides a framework for integrating these two clouds, leveraging public REST APIs to share and synchronize data.