Customer Information BOD

Companies can bring customer information from external systems into CRM using STAR-enabled integrations. The integration APIs give users access to detailed customer information and allow them to personalize their integrations, tailor marketing and sales, and support efforts that increase customer satisfaction.

Here are the Data Area details for Customer Information BOD:

  • Noun: CustomerInformation
  • Verbs:
    • GET - SHOW (As response verb)
    • PROCESS - ACKNOWLEDGE (As response verb)

Customer information BOD supports these operations:

  • Get customer information
  • Update customer information

A typical Customer Information BOD has this message hierarchy:

Customer Information BOD Message Hierarchy

Download the Customer Information BOD zip file, unzip it, and import the WSDL file to the SoapUI editor to make edits and then run the application.

For details, see Get Started with STAR Integrations.