Sales Lead BOD

Customers can bring lead data from any external systems into CRM using STAR-enabled integrations, enabling better tracking of interactions, preferences, and history.

Here are the Data Area details for Sales Lead BOD:

  • Noun: SalesLead
  • Verbs:
    • CHANGE - RESPOND (As response verb)
    • GET - SHOW (As response verb)
    • UPDATE - RESPOND (As response verb)
    • PROCESS - ACKNOWLEDGE (As response verb)

Sales Lead BOD supports the following operations:

  • Change sales lead
  • Get sales lead
  • Process sales lead
  • Update sales lead

A typical Sales Lead BOD has the following message hierarchy:

Sales Lead BOD Message Hierarchy

Download the Sales Lead BOD zip file, unzip it, and import the WSDL file to the SoapUI editor to make edits and then run the application.

For details, see Use STAR Integrations API.