Vehicle Inventory BOD

The Vehicle Inventory integration within the Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) framework retrieves vehicle inventory data from external systems and syncs them with Automotive Cloud. This integration enables Salesforce to establish robust connections with external platforms, facilitating the ingestion of vehicle inventory information in the standardized STAR format. Subsequently, the integration efficiently processes this data, ensuring its integration into relevant Salesforce modules for streamlined vehicle inventory management.

For more information, see Vehicle Inventory.

Here are the Data Area details for Vehicle Inventory BOD:

  • Noun: VehicleInventory
  • Verbs:
    • CHANGE - RESPOND (As response verb)
    • GET - SHOW (As response verb)
    • PROCESS - ACKNOWLEDGE (As response verb)

Vehicle Inventory BOD supports these operations:

  • Change vehicle inventory
  • Get vehicle inventory
  • Process vehicle inventory

A Vehicle Inventory BOD has this following message hierarchy:

Vehicle Inventory BOD Message Hierarchy

Download the Vehicle Inventory BOD zip file, unzip it, and import the WSDL file to the SoapUI editor to make edits and then run the application.

For details, see Get Started with STAR Integrations.