Before You Begin

To use Standard Digital Commerce, enable the required configuration settings.

  • Enable JSONAttribute V2 Schema. For more information, see JSONAttribute v2 Schema Upgrade Considerations.

  • Enable CPQ Configuration settings:

    • UseAssetReferenceIdForParentAndRoot

    • CacheAPI.CreateCartFromContextKey

  • Upgrade to Winter '23.

  • Test the existing Digital Commerce APIs on your org. For more information, see Digital Commerce (Cacheable) APIs.

  • Verify that the required picklist values for CachedAPIResponsec.Typec object are available in your org.

    • compiledPricingData
    • compiledOfferHierarchy
    • compiledAdvancedRule
    • compiledTemporaryData
    • cartDocument
    • compiledContextRule
    • compiledCalculationMatrix
    • compiledPromotionData
    • compiledJobInfo