Cancel Order

Cancel an order. Calling this API creates a supplemental order and submits it to Order Management (XOM). After XOM processes the supplemental order, the original order is updated to canceled status.

The Cancel Order API uses the Supplemental and Cancel Order interface implementations that predate the CME Winter '20 release, including SupplementalOrderService and XOMSupplementalOrderLifeCycle. See In-Flight Order Cancellation (or the instructions for your pre-CME Winter '20 release). This API does not use Order Management Integration Layer features.

This API supports the guest user enhancements that Salesforce introduced with the Winter ‘21 release. To encrypt and decrypt data for guest users, use the UserSecurity class with this API. See Guest User Technical Details.

For additional information, ​see UserSecurity Class and CPQ and Digital Commerce Changes for Guest Users.

Communication (vlocity_cmt)

For API parameter names and descriptions, see Cart-Based API Swagger Reference.

Response FormatJSON
Resource URL/services/apexrest/{namespace}/v2/cpq/carts/{cart_ID}/cancel