Get Cart Summary

Return the cart details, including, account, multi-site, and additional action information.

  • Account information associated with this cart

  • If this cart includes a multi-site order, available sites

  • Links to further actions, such as check out

Get Cart Details returns all fields from the Opportunity, Order, or Quote, except for the following fields:

  • IsDeleted

  • CreatedDate

  • CreatedById

  • LastModifiedDate

  • LastModifiedById

  • SystemModstamp

  • LastActivityDate

  • CleanStatus

By default, items deleted from a cart are not evaluated for Vlocity Rules. To enable evaluation of deleted items, set the 'ShouldConsiderDeletedItems' custom setting to true.

In ​Salesforce Industries Communications, Media, and Energy Winter '21 and later releases, the getCarts validate parameter has a default value of _True*, so the API will return validation messages. If validate=false is not specified, validation messages are returned by default. Specify validate=false in the UI if you do not want to receive validation messages.

This API supports the guest user enhancements that Salesforce introduced with the Winter ‘21 release. To encrypt and decrypt data for guest users, use the UserSecurity class with this API. See Guest User Technical Details.

For additional information, ​see UserSecurity Class and CPQ and Digital Commerce Changes for Guest Users.

Communication (vlocity_cmt)

For API parameter names and descriptions, see Cart-Based API Swagger Reference.

| Response Format | JSON | | --------------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ------- | | Resource URL | /services/apexrest/{namespace}/v2/cpq/carts/{cart_ID}?headerFieldSet={field_set_feature}&validate={true | false} |