Usage Considerations

When using Standard Digital Commerce, note these usage considerations and restrictions.

  • Standard Digital Commerce doesn't support the JSONAttribute V1 Schema. Upgrade to JSONAttribute V2 Schema to use Standard Digital Commerce.

  • You cannot create carts using the JSON body. Instead, use cartContextKeys to create carts. Before creating carts with cartContextKeys, enable CacheAPI.CreateCartFromContextKey.

  • Standard Digital Commerce doesn't support DefaultPricingPlanImplementation and PricingElementService. Use PricingPlanService instead.

  • New cartContextKeys aren't created when you make changes to an existing basket that uses an existing cartContextKey.

  • Pseudo Accounts and Orders aren't created.

  • Configure and Basket API responses aren't shared among a group of users when a set of cache records are created. Unlike executing Digital Commerce APIs when Standard Digital Commerce APIs is disabled , there are no cache hit or cache miss operations when Standard Digital Commerce is enabled for Configure and Basket operations.

  • Standard Digital Commerce doesn't support deleting by the index [By BundleNumber]. For example: payload: {"basketAction":"DeleteFromBasket","deleteBundleNumber":"0"}. For more information on BundleNumber, see BasketOps.

  • Standard Digital Commerce supports the entity filters on these objects:

    • Product

    • PricebookEntry

    • ProductChildItem

  • After you enable Standard Digital Commerce, there are changes to the responses of certain API calls. See Changes to API Responses.