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Cache Regenerate Batches

Cache regenerate batches are responsible for generating and regenerating the cache data.

If there are new offer listings for a catalog and no earlier cache is present for that offer, the batches operate in the generate mode. In Generate mode, the batch jobs generate the cache data for that offer and its listing for that catalog. If there are changes for any offer or the catalog for which the cache data has already been populated, then the system does a correction of the cache data and reflects the changes in the cache. The batch job runs in the regenerate mode, where it regenerates the cache entries. If an offer is deleted or has been made inactive and not orderable, then the corresponding cache data is made inactive by limiting the expiration time of the cache.

Cache regeneration batch jobs also operate on the Future Dated Cache Mode, where changes are reflected from a future date and time selected by the user. In this mode, the effectivity of the currently affected cache entry is limited by making the expiration time equal to the effective date-time selected by the user. The next instance of the cache is effective from the selected date time.

There are four steps for regenerating the responses:

  1. Derive Aggregate Entity Batch

    Cache Regenerate Batches - Derive Aggregate Entity Batch

  2. Invalidate / Set Current Cache Validity

    Derive Aggregate Entity Batch - Invalidate or Set Current Cache Validity

  3. Catalog Level Batch

    Cache Regenerate Batches - Catalog Level Batch

  4. Offer Level Batch

    Cache Regenerate Batches - Offer Level Batch