Cache Regenerate Scope

The cache management triggers track the changes to the list of sObjects. Cache regeneration batches operate on those changes, which are populated in the cached API change table. The system tracks the Create, Update, Delete operations performed on those SObjects.

Below are the SObjects for Product Model alteration as a result of a new/updated/deleted:

  • Fixed Reference

    • New/updated Top Offer (Products)

    • Child Offer (Products)

    • Child Offer (Promotions)(child product of a promotional product)

    • Price List Entry

    • Price Adjustment

    • Product Context Qualification Rule

    • Promotion Context Qualification Rule

    • Pricing Context Qualification Rule

    • Product Attachments

    • Product Attributes

    • Product Structure

    • Rule assignments

  • Floating Reference

    • Pricing Matrix executed by Pricing Plan via Calculation Procedure

    • Product Relationship

    • Product Configuration Procedure

    • Vlocity (Sales) Product Catalog Product Relationship

  • Hybrid Reference

    • Price Override
  • No versioning

    • New/updated Top Offer (Promotions). However, the promotional items are part of Hybrid Reference.

    • Vlocity (Sales) Product Catalog