Configure and Basket Operations

Industries Digital Commerce allows logged-in (known) users to use context eligibility rules for product configuration and basket creation. For Configure and Basket operations, context eligibility rules are supported to determine Pricing for known users only.

When you configure a product offer, you can apply a promotion or a price adjustment. However, the adjustment amount identified when applying a promotion should be based on a condition.  The condition is defined as a context eligibility rule. When you apply a price adjustment or promotion, you can associate it with a context rule.

For example, in a bundle, you can have a child product where you can override the product pricing, including the child item price, and apply context eligibility rules. The condition is that the discount only applies if the following context rule applies: Account = SLA_GOLD. If the context rule for SLA_GOLD exists, then the pricing adjustment applies (as part of a bundle, the child item may be less expensive than if sold separately).

A typical conversion funnel in e-commerce illustrates the route your customers take from first becoming aware of your brand, to configuring a product, to creating a cart with the product, to making a purchase.

eCommerce conversion funnel shows the route your customers take from first becoming aware of your brand to making a purchase