Create an Order or OrderItem Field Set

To update any fields other than the fields in the preceding list, you can create a field set on Orders for Order field updates and OrderProducts for OrderItem field updates. The fieldset name and label should match CartAllowedFieldSet for both Orders and OrderProducts.

To create a new field set:

  1. Navigate to Setup then select either Orders or OrderProducts, then select Field Sets.

  2. Add a new fieldset with name and label. For this example, we will use: CartAllowedFieldSet

  3. Add any custom field allowed by SF Field Data security to the fieldset. In this example, we are adding Order Start Date.

  4. Verify the new custom field is present:

    1. Use the Create Cart API to create a new basket and save the CartContextKey.

    2. Call the Create Cart API again using the CartContextKey and the new fieldset as shown using REST Explorer below:

      Create a New Field Set