Digital Commerce Gateway Setup

Setting up the Digital Commerce Gateway (DCG) ensures that the steps required to use the gateway are in place and configured correctly.

The documentation in this section applies only to customers who have purchased the Digital Commerce Gateway license. The instructions provided don't work without the Digital Commerce Gateway license.

To set up the Digital Commerce Gateway:

  1. Identify or Create a Salesforce User

  2. Create a Salesforce connected application.

    1. For information about creating a connected application, see Connected Apps.

    2. For information about creating a connected application for Digital Commerce, see DCG Connected App Setup.

    3. Copy the Connected Application Consumer Key (client_id) and paste it into a temporary file. The key is required later.

    4. Copy the authorized user name (the name created in step 1). The name is required in the steps that follow.

  3. Create a ticket with Salesforce Customer Support by providing the following information:

    1. The environment name (such as dev1, uat, preprod, prod, and so on). Use this name when creating any future related support requests.

    2. The organization type (such as or, and so on).

    3. The connected application consumer key (also known as client_id).

    4. The authorized user name to use the connected application. Note that it is not necessary to provide the password or consumer secret.

    5. Provide the version of the CME managed package, including the major number and minor number. To find the version numbers, navigate to the following documentation page to verify the package that you have installed in your Salesforce Org: Industries Communications, Media and Energy Release Summary. Copy the name shown in the Version column (for example, 109.1.900.393).

      After the ticket has been received by Salesforce Customer Support, the following three items will be delivered:

      • Public Certificate for the Connected Application

      • Digital Commerce Gateway End-Point (API URL)

      • Digital Commerce Gateway OAUTH2 credentials

  4. Import the Public Certificate into the Connected App. See Upload the Certificate to SFDC here: DCG Connected App Setup.

  5. Perform a test to ensure you have access to the Digital Commerce Gateway. Note that the Digital Commerce Gateway can be accessed only using OAuth2. For more information, refer to the DCG OAuth2 Setup and Usage.

    Run the DCG setup process again for these cases:

    • Re-integration of an existing DCG environment with a different Salesforce organization.

    • e-integration after a sandbox refresh.