Digital Commerce Lightning Web Components

This topic describes the Digital Commerce Lightning Web Components, which are intended for use on the Salesforce platform and follow the same standards as Salesforce's Lightning Web Components.

Digital Commerce Lightning Web Components supplement Vlocity Lightning Web Components by incorporating calls to the set of Digital Commerce cacheable APIs. Digital Commerce APIs are RESTful Web APIs that are designed to enable client applications such as consumer-facing web and mobile apps to shop for products and services. Vlocity Communications API Caching is optimized for consumer shopping use cases where the user is often anonymous until well into the check-out process. OmniStudio Vlocity Lightning Web Components

Vlocity Lightning Web Components are custom components and widgets built on Web Component standards that work with all modern browsers and can be distributed with any JavaScript library or framework. Web components allow you to create new custom, reusable, encapsulated HTML tags to use in your web pages or applications.

The Digital Commerce Web Components developer reference has two versions:

DCAppliedPromotionListRender all the applied promotions.
DCAssetAttributesLists all asset attributes.
DCAssetDetailsRenders each asset.
DCAssetItemDetailsDisplays asset details for each asset.
DCAssetsListDisplays all assets.
DCBaseComponentA base class that is extended by other lightning web components
dcBaseMixin<>A wrapper for DCBaseComponent that help implement your custom UI and leverage the Digital Commerce SDKExtends OmniScript Base Mixin (omniscriptBaseMixin)Enables a custom Salesforce URL for logged-in users by specifying the value of the salesforceCustomDomainUrl variableProvides methods to get an SDK instance, update custom URLs, load a CSS into custom LWCs, update OmniScript data, and other capabilitiesSupports the getTranslatedLabels translation method and its parameters: language and labels</>
DCCatalogRender the specified catalog list.
DCCheckOutSupports the checkout workflow, including payment and submitting the order
DCCheckoutPaymentSupports payment features
DCChildCatalogsRender the specified catalog child list.
DCCustomAuthenticationReference implementation for sign-in or sign-up using redirect mechanism.
DCFilterRender offer prices in the offer list.
DCGlobalHeaderRenders a global header available across all components except checkout.
DCMediaViewerRender a media carousel that cycles through media resources.
DCMyAccountRenders user account.
DCOfferAddonsSupports add-on offers and displays the child bundle options
DCOfferAttributeConfigRender attribute values and allow users to choose a predefined set of options.
DCOfferColorConfigRender color options for an offer.
DCOfferConfigRetrieve the selected offer details using the getOffer() API. The offer can also be configured in this component.
DCOfferConfigDetailsRender configuration details for an offer.
DCOfferConfigurationsRender non-configurable offer attributes.
DCOfferGridViewRender offers in a grid.
DCOfferGroupRender offers in a group.
DCOfferGroupSectionsRender the first child bundle options (optional).
DCOfferGroupSelectionSegment offer groups
DCOfferInputConfigSupports custom input
DCOfferListViewAttributeRender offer attributes in an offer list.
DCOfferListViewImageRender offer images in an offer list.
DCOfferListViewPriceRender offer prices in an offer list.
DCOfferPaymentConfigRender payment options for an offer.
DCOffersListRetrieve the offers for the specified catalog-code using the getOffers() API. DCOffersList is a base class which is extended by all lightning web components.
DCOffersListViewRender offers in a list view.
DCProgressIndicatorRender a progress icon or a progress bar.
DCPromotionListRender all available promotions.
DCReviewOrderRender all the order details so that the user can review them before submitting the order.
DCSampleAppContainer class where all components are rendered conditionally.
DCShoppingCartRender the offers that are being added to the cart. The cart may be updated before checkout.
DCShoppingcartNestedOfferRender child bundles of the offer that is being added to the cart.
DCShoppingCartOfferDetailsRender details of the offers that are being added to cart.
DCSignInSupports sign up and sign in
DCTotalBarRender total cart prices.
DCUpdateBillingAddressSupports updates to billing and shipping addresses