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Digital Commerce Support for Versioning

Extend Product Versioning to your Digital Commerce solution to accelerate product innovation and market responsiveness. With Product Versioning, sales teams can support and track offer modifications to existing offers without business disruption. With Product Versioning, you can also modify offers and deploy changes without disruption. This feature is now extended to your Digital Commerce solution.

With Product Versioning for Digital Commerce, you can:

  • Introduce product changes to ongoing transactions without disruption.

  • Reduce order fallout with version management in CPQ and order fulfillment.

  • Track and compare product versions. Accurate ordering through the Digital Commerce solution is aligned with periodic product configurations changes.

Product Versioning for Digital Commerce supports:

  • Browse and Search that accurately returns valid product versions driven by current or reference date and time through a URL parameter referencedatetime for all Cacheable APIs. The default is currentDate() in GMT.

  • Enhanced Digital Commerce cache, which includes Populate and Regenerate API Cache jobs that are aware of versioned products.

  • Configuration and Basket operations that accurately capture product configuration and checkout specific to your chosen product version in the Digital Commerce customer journey.

  • The Populate API Cache job, which contains a new batch job, named Version Info List Generator, that generates the cache for multiple versions of the same product. The job contains information about all versions of the same product and promotion.

  • Time slices that store information to maintain snapshots of product version configurations at different time intervals.

In the Digital Commerce solution, product offers and child products are cached, which is primarily driven by the catalog definition. With versioning enabled, cache management and jobs are enhanced to cache all versions of an offer structure definition by time-slice to support the browsing of offers, new purchase flow, and change orders.

The Digital Commerce solution supports versioning on the cacheable APIs in the on-platform Salesforce layer. The Digital Commerce APIs leverage the persistent cache in the cached API response table generated either through the cache initialization batch jobs (populate API cache), cache refresh batch jobs (regenerate batches), or data cached during the processing of a cache miss flow.

Digital Commerce does not support future-dated cache with Versioning enabled.