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Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) REST APIs

The EPC REST APIs enable client application users to manage products, picklists, and promotions. The EPC REST APIs provide a layer of abstraction between client application development and the configuration of these EPC objects. This abstraction layer enables you to easily integrate your applications with EPC.

Who: Developers that use the REST APIs to create applications that integrate with EPC.

Why: You can use the REST APIs to integrate or build applications that interface with EPC. This allows your users to continue using internal applications while also having access to data from EPC.

What: Using the REST APIs, you can create, read, update, and delete the following objects:

  • Product2

  • Product Version

  • Product Child

  • Picklist

  • Picklist Version

  • PicklistItem

  • Promotion

  • PromotionItem