EPC API Response Format

The EPC REST API uses the DomainResponse class to represent the output for REST calls.

The API responses permit a structured interaction between the requesting entities and back-end operations and are composed of objects wrapped in a result epcResponse object. The wrapper object is represented by the following properties or elements:

  • overallResult: Specifies the overall result of the API call.

  • failureReason: If the API call fails, this element describes the reason for the failure.

  • warningMessage: If the API call is successful but encounters errors, this field lists the errors.

  • entities: Lists the objects specified in the API call

  • supplimentaryEntity: Lists any additional objects or information related to the objects specified in the API call.

  • hierarchy: If applicable, displays the children of objects specified by the API call.

  • children: If the hierarchy is displayed, lists the children of the objects specified by the API call.

  • pageInfo: Specifies various properties related to pagination such as:

    • currentPage: Specifies the current page.

    • pageSize: Specifies the number of items on the page.

    • totalCount: Specifies the total number of records.

    • totalPages: Specifies the total pages. The total number of pages is the totalCount divided by pageSize.

  • numberOfProduct: Lists the number of products returned.