getGroupMembers Method

Returns a set of paginated member-records within a group.

parentIdRequiredOpportunity ID.
contextIdRequiredParent cart Id (Master/Enterprise Quote/Order Id)
groupIdRequiredGroup Id
pageSizeOptional: Defaults to 20Page size for pagination.
offsetOptional: Defaults to 0Offset for pagination
cartTypeOptional: Defaults to QuoteQuote or Order
filtersOptionalConsists of Field to search on and the sub-string value to search against, separated by colon(:). Supports multiple such sets, separated by comma(,). Example: "vlocity_cmtLoadProfilec%20Low,vlocity_cmtIsKeyAtPremisesc"
sortByOptionalField to sort on along with the sort order. Example: “vlocity_cmtPremisesIdr.vlocity_cmtStreetAddressc ASC”
resultJSONResult containing member records.